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Welcome to my OCD of choice...

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Love is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night the ice weasels come.

- Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons

Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. This site is created as a resource for those not unlike myself, who have a desire to attempt to document, explain those things that we do not fully understand relating to paranormal events.

The mission: To provide acurate, interesting and at times fun information concerning paranormal / ghost related issues.

I value all opinions, all points of interest, new and old theories. I am currently flying solo, but am hopefull that I'll be able to attract people in my area to join me in my exploits.

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Last Update - 03:16:2001

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A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is a photo of the Queen Marys' Pool room forwarded to me by an unknown source. Thanx! I posted it because of the noteriety that the Queen Mary has received for being a magnet of unexplainable occurances. This site will be updated with photos of unexplainable phenomena as I receive and/or collect them.

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Should you know of anyone who believes they are in contact, or knows of an area that has a 'presence' but cannot explain it. Please refer them to my email address as I am trying to build an itinerary for investigations when the a lot of the ice pack melts away & the prettey, prettey birdies and fun squirrel people come out to play.

This is a site in the working. As I receive new information to post, receive suggestions, and think of cool things to do, I will update.

It has been brought to my attention that my web site name and URL has a resembelance to a fictitious story and movie. This is an unintentional coincidence and nothing more. I guess there is a movie I'm going to have to watch now...